Dungeon Runners, Oh How I Will Sorta Miss You

Dungeon Runners


I learn recently when I wanted to play for a few hours that Dungeon Runners (review) went kaput.  For those of you who did know, it was following in its spiritual predecessor Diablo II.  It has several advantages because it was almost a decade newer.  It was 3D, it offered a town that was useful to find others with whom you could quest, and it had a biting sarcasm at times that was refreshing.

I stumbled across it during its beta after doing some research on unique advertising styles on the Internet for a work project.  I proceeded to play it off and on for several years utilizing the $5/month plan to satiate my need for mindless killing.  It got much better through the years and I would often be surprised when I came back six months later at all the new additions to the game.  Too bad that NCSoft killed it before Diablo III could. 

There were the tell tale signs at it inevitable demise would happen sooner than I would have liked it to.  It was never as addictive as Diablo because the programmer missed the little things.  The quests seemed a little too repetitive, the dungeons a little too lifeless, and the weapon system names a little too odd to know what you got.  This limited the play in my opinion for endless hours day after day, though it was a lot a fun to kill a lazy afternoon or two once in a while.

Now, I will never get to level 100, but I will always remember the good times we had Bling Gnome.  Fare thee well!