Fare Thee Well Acme

2016-10-19 18_42_25-

Well it happened, the last true comic book establishment, Acme Comics, in the B-N area succumb to Amazon and electronic comics.  While I never frequented it often, people that I know have many fond (and not so fond) memories of spending their youth purchasing comics, Heroclix, and toys from this place as well as Metropolis, which went out of business over a decade ago.

I guess Babbitt’s Books has stepped up of offer subscriptions to satiate your comic fix.  Seems like an odd idea for the store.  I frequented the Babbitt’s more for non-fiction and stuff for school.

Recycling in McLean County

In December, I decided to dig through my old junk in the basement and rid my house of all the stuff  that hasn’t been touched in years.  I sold some online, but I still had lots of unsellable items that I didn’t want to toss it in a landfill, so I decided to look up where to give it away or recycle it.

I found that http://www.ecologyactioncenter.org is a good resource for McLean county, but was missing a few recyclers/donations places.  So a little more research I built this list: