Mushroom Hunting

The rain that came in from the tropical depression this weekend has invigorated  the local mushroom population.  I hate eating them, but it is fun to trapes around the rural areas of Illinois and uncover patches among the lush undergrowth.

When walking in the forest around the Lake Evergreen hiking trails, I saw several a few puff balls.  These are neat since when they are dry and mature that they release huge amounts spores when prodded.  I normal see these in the grassland of the Merwin Nature Preserve.



Around Sugar Grove there were several large patches in the muddy areas and attached to dead trees scattered throughout the natural preserve.

These mushrooms are bulbous with a black top and grow on older dead trees.  They seem airy and collapse if pressure is placed on the cap.



There are large groups of these white mushrooms.  They are found in open and muddy areas and can heavily populate trails loam parts of trails.



There is a lot of growth (white) that contrast with their more mature brown black fungi.



Some disconcerting slimy new growth.  These seem to grow on both live and dead trees within older forest growth.  I don’t see this type very often.  It usually grows after spring rains.