Walking Around Peoria

Saturday was the first time this fall that the their was patchy frost on the ground.  Hopefully, this will bring out the colors in the trees.



It frost soon burned off as I walked around Miller Park.  It turned out to be a nice day for color hunting.  Good day for traveling around Central Illinois, so to Peoria.  I choose the locations mostly because I never be to them.


Luthy Botanical Garden


At the side entrance to the Luthy Botanical Garden,  there is a statue of R.G. Le Tourneau.  Inscribed underneath is “Mover of Mountains”  likely because he operated several large machinery operations in the early 20th century.   This piece of art would totally be at home in Rapture.



The gardens are small and tucked away behind the Peoria Zoo.  Not as grand as U of I’s Allerton Park and large as Rockford’s Sinnissippi Garden, none the less it is nice to see cities trying to build places that have natural beauty.  Few people must come to visit because even though it was a nice day, there were only a half dozen other people on the grounds.



Picture from behind the green houses.  The greenhouses themselves look like they have seen better days. 



Bet this looks awesome in the spring with the flowers blooming.



The garden themselves have many sculptures and other works.  Not sure what this represents, but it looked neat.



Lemons as large as a softball.  Wish I could get ones this large at the store.


Springdale Cemetery


Outside of Civil War burial sites and other national burial site, Springdale Cemetery is one of the largest cemetery’s I have ever walked in.  Hilly and heavily forested it is quite picturesque.  This is at the top of South Center.  The cemetery is in the process of turning the area back to prairie.



This is near Orchard Hill.



The Glen.  Because of the hilly terrain, many of the gravestones have shifted because of rain run off.  At night, this should give the area a creepy appearance of an old cemetery.



There is a pet cemetery called Whispering Woods that allows special pet a comfortable resting place instead of being buried behind the garage or in landfill.  There were cat, dogs, and pair of bears. 


Donovan Park


This park was once a golf course.  The conversion must have happen in the last few years because many of the greens and sand traps are still visible through the overgrowth.  Neat feature was that the 60s style golf signage is still in place that gives the park a unique feel.  On the grounds is Northmoor Observatory.   I wonder how good the view is given the light pollution around Peoria.