The Trillion Dollar Coin

Admittedly, I missed the first roe about minting the coin to end all coins a few years back.  Now, the impractical idea has came roaring back, sparking debates, bills to ban it, and estimations of its size

Greatest theft ever

The idea sparks the imagination, but in the real world the US Treasury would just print a bill or enter 1 and 12 zeros into an account.  It has been long tried.  Create money and spend it.  The coin is a euphemism for inflation.  Whether a coin, bill, or just a checking account the media makes little difference. 

The hope is that it the coin would kick start our economy before inflation ate the spending power.  Today, this is done covertly though borrowing.  Minting coins would just make it more obvious. 

If we do such they should give the resulting cash to the US citizens.  At least we could have fun with the $3 grand until the hangover hit.  However, this won’t happen.  Some would save or pay down debts.  Party poopers.