Political Question Sites

Bored tonight, I stumbled upon some sites that said that they will graph your political views. Curious I tested some of these sites out.

World’s Smallest Political Quiz

This site will show you your score by using eight questions. I skeptically tested it out. The outcome was unsurprising. It said that I was a mutt, a Leftist/Libertarian mix, though it called me a “Centrist.” This quiz is cool because it is easy. Just don’t expect it to be too illuminating.

Link: World’s Smallest Political Quiz


The Moral Politics Test

I kinda like this test. Its 16 questions attempts to map your morals to a political system. The questions made me think and choose the lesser of two evils (or greater goods.) While this was nice to see, some of the questions didn’t pertain to my beliefs so I couldn’t answers well.

Overall, not too bad. Since I didn’t answer some questions, the overall score likely leaned right a little for more moral order, but the breakdown that it gave me was correct. Except for the ‘04 Election, no way would I have voted for Nader, that crackpot lost it a decade ago.

Link: The Moral Politics Test


The Political Compass

This is a long test, but not too difficult to go through if you have a spare 10 minutes. I like that they didn’t let you choose neutral, which is usually a cop out. Some of the questions are poignant, some throw away so it ends up feeling like a muddy experience. It did do a good job picking my overall philosophy on capitalism, though I am more liberal is individual rights. Therefore, it seems the test is geared towards government regulating against corporations rather than individual rights.

Link: The Political Compass